Wednesday, November 29, 2006

ournewsdotmobi for November


1st. 250 more RAM – (worked on story most of day)

Started MMS using – 29th

2nd. Added E-Mail 21zakut3

Added search at $5 per month $100 costs so far for hvuc = $60 one year search + $39 two –year domain name.

3rd. sitemaps - all - spent about six hours

5. six newsletters for Hope Valley Church

6. two newsletters for Hope Valley Church

7. Individual pages linked from

8. made ad see and put on about 20 sites including many old sites – seven hours and added to Google maps and etc

9. Used GoLive most of day


10. text lists of sites for robots sitemaps see below

made mailbox

12th Sunday created ‘family album’ in ournews with Narda – about six hours

13th Monday worked on embedding videos all day – making page for each video

14th Tuesday morning added all ournews sites to sitemaps put 37 videos in the album pages into ournews giving 89 urls in ournews so far. To theidealschool afternoon – 3 PM found out about La Salle position

15th. Began learning C++ using tutorials and downloaded Visual C++ 2005 express

Submitted to Google sitemaps (updates) geocities (25 pages previous), (306), ournews (4), hvuc (34),

Downloaded visual basic 2005 express

16th interview at La Salle afternoon

Began sitemaps on 1and1

HVUC issue 19/11

17th visual basic tutorial and some C++

19th sitemap for spymac into google

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